2 Days to get this hilarious book!

My blog friend, The Hook, has just published his first book! He’s shining a light on all the terrible, ridiculous things tourists say, and do when they think no one is watching. He is a bellman for a popular hotel near Niagara Falls and he’s seen it all. For months now, I have been enjoying his hilarious accounts of self-absorbed, maniac clients, and now you can too! Follow this link and download a free digital copy of his book (Only free today and tomorrow).

The moral of the story: treat everyone with respect or else you be the subject of his next book.

P.S. I almost didn’t download this because I don’t have a Kindle, but then I learned that you can download a free kindle app for you computer. It’s right below the purchase button.


  1. Just downloaded a copy – thanks for passing on the news! I’m definitely looking forward to reading this one – bring on the tourist shenanigans!


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