I received the Versatile Blogger Award!


I’m about to head for Kentucky for a wedding/ hiking trip, but first I need to celebrate getting the Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you so much Lada Ray for the nomination!

Versatile Blogger Award (VBA)

What is it?

The VBAs honor the blogger rather than specific posts. It’s a chance for bloggers to pat themselves on the back just like the Academy of actors does during the Oscars. Except there’s no golden statue. At least it hasn’t arrived yet. I’d accept a chocolate statue too.

As a recipient of this award, I now have the owner of nominating several more (excellent) blogs that deserve some recognition (and more followers)

Drum roll…

And the nominees/winners are (in no particular order):

  1. Lisa Bourque gives incredible, motivating advice on her blog Your Wild Heart.
  2. You’ll be blown away by Jesse Whitehead’s travel photography. I met him in Mozambique, but he’s been everywhere and does an amazing job of capturing nature’s beauty.
  3. Barmy’s I’ve Become My Parents. Hilarious anecdotes about being a young parent.
  4. Ever wonder what the service thinks about you? I love The Hook’s stories of crazy hotel guests.
  5. You can tag along on Rachel’s adventures in Australia with her blog Sing Like No One Is Listening.
  6. I love Cassie’s sense of humor and her funny charts.
  7. You’ll love Lynne Ayer’s writing and paintings in Beyond the Brush.
  8. You have to see Tricia A. Mitchell’s travel photos. You’ll feel like your on an amazing escape.
  9. You’ll always’ know what to watch next with Wonderful Cinema’s concise movie reviews.
  10. Add some poetry, jewelry and insight in your life with the Pigeon Heart blog.

Congratulations, winners!

And now I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about myself.

1. When I was a kid I was convinced I was born on Mars and raised by Apes. I thought an ape with wings flew to Earth and put my in my mom’s belly.

2.I studied opera for 4 years.

3. I went skydiving – and I hated it. I was shook up for days afterward.

4. Sometimes I talk to myself in a British, Southern, or Indian accent. I once read that that’s an early sign of schizophrenia. I had trouble sleeping that night.

5. I walk and talk in my sleep. One time I asked if I can pay for the bus with American Cheese. I often times wake myself up because I’m desperately trying to get the bugs off me, when there are obviously no bugs. Other times I wake up in the corner of the room and I can figure out how to open the tent zipper – because there’s no tent and no zipper. The more I write the crazier I sound. I should stop now.

6. I’ve never eaten at Red Lobster. Before College I had never heard of Chili’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, or Red Robin.

7. I mimic sounds when I hear them. I don’t realize I’m doing it, but I’ll mimic car alarms, baby noises, drum solos, you name it. I only know I’m doing it when I see Mike’s confused face.

Congrats to the new VBA winners, and thanks again Lada Ray!


  1. Congratulations to my favorite Martian! I can’t believe I never took you to The Red Lobster…..Not that it’s any great shakes to write home about.
    Have a great time in KY!

    Mama Heso


  2. So much to comment on in this. Good lord. I love your list of quirks. But I’ll just say congratulations and babble about Red Lobster. We had Red Lobster for the first time on vacation in Florida. We were so excited when they finally opened one where we lived. It’s no longer a place I want to go to, but I have to admit to having a thing for their cheese biscuits.


    1. Thanks! I did try to visit Red Lobster last year in Times Square but it was a 2 hour wait. I took it as a sign that I’m not meant to try the cheddar biscuits.


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